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How to Become a Pilot

How to Become a Pilot?

“Why call it a dream, when it can be a Reality”

Let us guide you through some simple steps to plan your journey to how become a Pilot:

1. CPL Training Enrollment Requirements:

Educational Qualification:

10+2 with Physics and Mathematics from a recognized board.(In case your educational background is from other streams for e.g. - commerce, arts, etc. you will have to appear for physics and mathematics separately from recognised open schools such as NIOS "National institute of Open Schooling").

Age Criteria for CPL Issue: Minimum age of enrolment is 17 years.

Minimum age for issuance of CPL is 18 years.

Language proficiency in English: Candidate should be able to read, write and understand English language.

2. Medicals Requirements:

It is a mandatory requirement from DGCA, candidate should be fit to fly.

The Medical requirement are divided into two steps, Class II and Class I. Following are the steps to obtain class II and I medical:

Class II Medical Examination:

For Class II medical examination, candidate need to visit DGCA website (www.dgca.in) to go through the list of DGCA approved Examiners/Doctors. After fixing an appointment with doctor get all the necessary tests done and candidate will receive a CA 35 form as an acknowledgement. Once all the medical documents reaches DGCA with the candidate’s respective name and file number by the doctor, candidate will receive a certificate from DGCA medical cell for CPL, which will be needed for class I medical examination.

Class I Medical Examination: 

For Class I Initial Medical Examination: Candidate need to submit an application form at DGCA after class II medical examination. Take an appointment and get all the necessary tests done. Once successful verification from all laboratory test reports by the medical officers, candidates are issued the class I medical certificate. For Class I Renewal Medical Examination: Renewals are mandatory as Class I medical assessments are valid for one year and should apply for renewal one month prior to the date of expiry. A person need to carry the original copy of their class I medical certificate along with NOC and the list of documents required by the doctors to initiate the renewal of Class I medical.

3. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Program

The Commercial Pilot License will allow you to fly an aircraft for an Airline for renumeration purpose. The CPL training is divided in to two stages, ground training and flight training. Let us guide you at each one of them in details.

Ground Training Course

The pilot training course in India as well as in Abroad include the following subjects:

Air Navigation

Air Meteorology

Air Regulations

Technical General

General specific

RTR – Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical)

The candidate should put all his/her efforts to clear the exams to proceed towards success journey to become a Pilot. During the course, you will study the above interesting subjects and you will learn all about aerodynamics, Flight Planning, weather and Aircraft Structure.

Flight Training Course

The next big step is flight training. This adventurous journey begins by selecting a good flight school, which offers a good exposure of different flight conditions such as flying in controlled/uncontrolled airspace, flying in different weather conditions, landing at international airports, flying published and non-published routes. Flight training can be done in abroad and India. This will include a total 200-250 hours (approx.) in a recognised trainee aircraft like C -152, C-172, Tecnam, PA-34.

During the Flight training cadet will undergo a specified training module and pass several stage checks to demonstrate his/her understanding of flight to examiner After completion of ground and flight training, candidate will be required to undergo flying skills test with approved examiner. Submit all your documents on EGCA portal for the issue of Commercial Pilot License.

We are very happy and delighted to be a part of your flying journey and give you wings to pursue your dreams into reality with best pilot course in India and abroad.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!!

Happy landings!!