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Pilot Training in South Africa

Pilot Training in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most preferred destinations among international students who want to experience commercial pilot training in South Africa. With dedicated instructors having years of experience in the airline industry, you can expect high-quality training and aptitude on your way to becoming a professional pilot.

With the help of professional instructors and a well-maintained fleet of airplanes, you can expect to undertake faster flying training. During the training classes, you will explore an interactive learning session that will make you grasp the hold of important flying subjects and clear the hurdles in your license conversion. By the end of the training course, you will become a proficient pilot who can work in both the private and public aviation sectors.

South Africa’s all-year-round weather conditions are perfectly suitable for pilot training in South Africa. It is the strongest factor that makes South Africa one of the crucial choices for commercial pilot training. Thus, aspiring pilots can find the endless summer climate as the perfect choice to sharpen their flying skills and gain knowledge.

Apart from this, you can expect affordable flying training that allows you to get the course training at the most cost-effective range. Compared to other countries such as the USA and New Zealand, pilot training in South Africa is quite cost-effective. Even though international students receive the heartiest welcome in South Africa, they call for 100% visa assurance for the learners.

What more do you want? Quality training approach backed by experienced and qualified professional training, follow-up all safety measures, a RT valid training program and all this will land within your budget. This is something you can’t think of missing when it comes to undertaking professional expertise for a bright future.

Benefits of training in South Africa

1.      Affordable – 35 lacs

2.      Training at International airport

3.      Controlled Airspace and Nav- Aids

4.      Opportunity to work as an instructor

5.      100 % visa Assurance

6.      RT Convertible to India

7.      Good instructors

8.      Discount 1.25 lacs

9.      Easy installments