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best pilot training institute in India

Capt. Sahil Khurana Pilot Training Academy

Best Pilot Training Institute in India

For over 12+ years, CSKAA has been synonymous with excellence amoung the best pilot training institute in India and ground school training. Today, we're thrilled to expand our horizons with the launch of our pilot academyin India, available both in India and internationally.

At CSKAA, we understand the value of high-quality training. Those who have experienced our ground school know the rigorous standards and exceptional quality we uphold. We're excited to extend these values to our pilot training in India.

Why Choose CSKAA for Pilot Training in India?

  1. World-Class Instructors: Learn from the most experienced instructors from around the globe.
  2. Professional and Affordable: Achieve your pilot goals professionally, without breaking the bank.
  3. Hassle-Free Learning: We handle the documentation, so you can focus on what's important - flying!
  4. A Lifetime Experience: Our courses are designed not just to train, but to provide an unforgettable flying experience.

We invite everyone - former students and new aspirants alike to join us in this exciting journey of pilot training in India. Fly high with CSKAA's the best pilot training institute in Delhi and turn your dreams into a soaring reality!


Our Commercial Flight Training Programs

Get a pilot license to start your career

How to Become a Pilot?

Let's look at a step by step process on how to get get your commercial pilot license from India or overseas like USA, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand etc..

Some of the process to become a pilot

  • 10th & 12th Verification
  • Class 2 Medicals
  • Class 1 Medicals
  • Police Verification
  • Computer Number
  • Ground Classes
  • Visa Medicals
  • Learn More

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Benefits of training with CSKAA Pilot Academy in India

CPL in 8 to 10 months

Affordable course fees

Glass Cockpit Aircrafts & Experienced Instructors

Easy Education loan

Experienced Visa team with 97% success

Airline Job Assistance


Student Reviews

Why us?

What we say we deliver our business ethics is based on trust and morality CSKAA presence in the market is now known for 12 years and we have trained more than 1000 of pilots now flying for reputed airlines.

We Offer You

1. Choice of country

2. Training on new fleet of Aircrafts

3. Affordable

4. Visa Document done by us

5. EGCA Documentation by us

6. Conversion assistance after CPL

7. Accommodation

8. Airline entrance preparation

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